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Stainless Steel 316H is also a form of 316 with higher carbon content. The high carbon content in 316H makes it suitable for use in elevated temperature applications. Alloy 316H pipes are corrosion resistant and is superior to 304 range of steel.

Grade 316H pipes are known to effectively resist atmospheric corrosion and moderately corrosive environments. It can also withstand moderately oxidizing and reducing environments. 316H grade cannot be hardened by heat treatment. The high carbon content in UNS S31609 pipes helps in giving them high tensile and yield strength. The austenitic structure is stable just like 316 and 316L, which gives it excellent toughness at cryogenic temperatures. 316H cannot be hardened by heat treatment abut it can be hardened effectively with cold working techniques Welding 316H Pipes is easy using standard shop fabrication methods. The grade finds use in applications like Food and Beverage processing, Nuclear Power generation, Pulp & Paper preparation, medical Implants, Marine Architecture, Textiles and water treatment plants, as well.

316H can be developed into finishing and sizes as per application.

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