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The alloys of these washers are different from that of others. The Stainless Steel 316H Washer are stronger at high temperatures. As the temperature starts building the strength of the washers also increases. This is a special property which is being excised by these washers alone. This is one of the reasons why these are being regarded as the individual elements. There are so many different elements which are being added to this washer. The additional elements which gives the much needed strength to the washer. These are being used in various fields in many applications. Some of the major applications where these are being used include woven or welded screens for mining, quarrying and water filtration process.


These are alloys containing high carbon modifications developed extensively for the use of washers in terms of the high range of temperatures. Other washers might creep strength but these can withstand high temperatures and showcases the much needed strength. They can be used in an application which involves the temperatures above 500 degree Celsius. These are unique and can be distinguished very soon.

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