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The Stainless Steel 316L flanges are the low-carbon containing version of the general SS 316 Flanges. Austenitic in nature, these flanges contain a maximum of 0.08% Carbon. They are designed for applications in heavy gauge welded components. They offer lesser carbide precipitation due to the lower carbon content. This property of the Stainless steel 316L flanges and fittings makes them highly corrosion resistant. The austenitic structure of these flanges helps them to maintain their excellent toughness even down at cryogenic temperatures. When compared to other chromium-nickel flanges, the Stainless steel 316 Flanges and Fittings are more resistant against creep, and stress to rupture. They also offer high tensile strength. They offer Good oxidation resistance to 870 ° C in intermittent service and 925 ° C in continuous service.


The Stainless Steel 316L Flanges are found in the application in a wide range of industries such as Food preparation equipment manufacturing industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries, Architectural industries, and Marine industries. These SS 316L Flanges and fittings are used for pulp and paper industry equipment, for photographic chemical industry process equipment. They are also used in the production of rubber and textile bleaches. The Stainless Steel 316L flanges and fittings are also used in medical industries. Their ability to resist various chloride environments makes them ideal for various Piping systems for chloride applications.


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