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Stainless Steel 316L Foil

Stainless Steel 316L Foil is a highly corrosion-resistant and ductile metal foil comprising an austenitic alloy containing molybdenum, chromium, and nickel. It also contains about 2-3% of manganese and smaller amounts of silicon, sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen to enhance its properties. Its chemical composition gives this stainless steel a higher resistance to corrosion and pitting than other types of metals, making it ideal for many industrial applications.

Stainless Steel 316L foil is widely used in various industries because of its exceptional corrosion resistance, heat resistance, mechanical strength and long-term durability. Its non-magnetic properties make it ideal for applications such as electrical enclosures and liners. It also exhibits excellent weldability, which makes it suitable for processing complex shapes. Its bright, lustre finish makes it an aesthetically pleasing material choice for architectural projects.

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