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316L stainless steel nuts are composed primarily of iron, chromium and molybdenum. Additionally, they may contain varying amounts of nickel, manganese, nitrogen, and silicon. This composition gives the nuts great corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemical agents, including acids and alkalis, with relatively low magnetic permeability compared to other grades of stainless steel. The 316L designation means that the steel contains significantly lower carbon levels, making it ideal for welding and other fabrication processes.

316L SS nuts are one of the most widely used fasteners in the industry due to their superior corrosion resistance, strength and temperature tolerance. This alloy is ideal for marine environments, withstands heat and pressure, resists pitting and crevice corrosion, and requires little maintenance throughout its service life. 316L also offers excellent ductility and toughness, making it a highly desirable material for applications ranging from pump shafts to bolts and screws. It can also be used in food production processes thanks to its non-toxicity properties.

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