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Stainless Steel 316L is a lower carbon variant of the original 316 steel. 316 also consists of molybdenum and is the second most popular steel type after 304. The lower carbon prevents 316L pipes from sensitization, whereas molybdenum gives it better overall corrosion resistance. 316L Pipes also have higher resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments when compared to 304.

The austenitic structure in 316L similar to 316 gives it excellent strength even down at cryogenic temperatures. 316L when compared to other chromium-nickel steel types offers high creep and stress rupture properties along with good tensile strength at elevated temperatures. Grade 316L pipes cannot be hardened by thermal treatment. UNS S31603 pipes can be hot worked using common techniques. Post work annealing is required to give maximum corrosion resistance and removing internal stress. 316L is commonly used in applications such as Pharmaceuticals, marine related applications, Architectural applications, Medical implants, fasteners, and food preparation equipment. Stainless Steel 316L pipes can be devised in specific finishing and sizes as per requirement.

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