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After 304L grade flanges, these Stainless Steel 316L PTFE Flanges are extremely usable and highly in demand product within industries. Using the mixture of molybdenum and nickel content, this is designed by professionals. It is even stronger at hoisted temperature. They are mostly used in harsh corrosive conditions. The features, it is containing such as brilliant pitting resistance, superior rust battle, and strong defiance to lots of chemicals as well as high oxidation resistance. It is used for numbers of industrial applications such as handling and storage of acetic acid, industrial boilers, heat exchangers, tanks and pressure vessels and marine applications.


It is available in different types such as fabricated, seamless and welded. The bending radius of it is R = 2D, 1D, 6D, 8D, 3D, 10D, and custom. The range of it is starting from ½ NB to 48 NB and it even meets national standards such as DIN, ASME and many more. You can buy it in various shapes and sizes also. You can buy it at the best rates from any manufacturers online and it will surely give high-end services and performance as well.

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