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Stainless Steel 316L PTFE Strainer is made to provide minimum pressure losses. Also, it keeps shielded the pipeline accessories like flow meters, valves as well as pumps. It also has an exchangeable filter basket. There is no need to give extra effort to yourself because it is easy to install and exchange due to its lightweight. The available size of it is from ½ to 14 inches and can be used in process lines, product lines and utility lines depending upon needs. These are also provided by the sellers to the customers at market leading rates along with other boons. It can be used at high temperature and even under harsh conditions.


Testing- the testing such as ultrasonic rays, flattening test, third part inspection and more are done over it. It has to go through various testing methods, just to make sure its perfection and reliability.


Packaging- after is testing, it is put for the packaging in wooden cases or cardboard boxes to prevent from rusting as well as damaging during transit. In the case of export, it is given special and quality packaging as well.

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