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Stainless Steel 316L Screw

Stainless steel 316L screw is known best for its corrosion resistant feature. They have a long life and are environmentally friendly. You can use these screw in a wide variety of applications and can bear all types of environment and temperature. Stainless steel screw is a choice of many industrialists due to their exceptional features. Moreover, stainless steel used for manufacturing these screws is a low carbon steel that consists of chromium and nickel in a high amount which makes the screw harder and stronger. These screws are manufactured in accordance with the national and international standards and specifications including ASTM, ASME, ANSI and API standards.




The stainless steel 316L screw is used in different applications like the petrochemical industry, chemical processing industry and domestic applications as well. The size of these screws varies from 2m to 33m whereas its length ranges from 3mm to 200mm. You can even get these screws in varied shapes, sizes and grades from a reputable supplier and manufacturer. They are manufactured in both national and international designation and are well tested and inspected by quality expertise and inspection agencies. At last, when these screws are ready they are packed in pallets or wooden boxes.

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