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The stainless steel washer which has low ranges of carbon for welding or other applications where the carbide precipitation may be a concern, then these Stainless Steel 316L Washer are the best ones. The stainless steel washer provides the tensile strength at higher temperatures. So these are the best ones when there is an high range of temperatures. These can be very well distinguished among the other grades of the stainless steel washers. These are being manufactured and produced in various sizes and dimensions according to the industrial requirements. There are different types of these washers. All these are being manufactured in the international standards. These are the molybdenum bearing austenitic steel which contains more nickel than the other washers.


It has the content of about 12 percentage of nickel, 17 percentage of chromium, 2.5 percentages of molybdenum and the remaining as required. These are manufactured only in the mass production. The characteristics and behaviors of these washers is enough to understand that these are other washers.  These are manufactured in the international standards and hence it possesses high range of strength when exposed to temperature.

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