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Stainless steel channels are having a wide range of use at different industrial areas. The channels are used at places where the user require structural support and durability against stress, corrosion and temperature. These channels are available in different sizes and types according to the places where the user want to use them. One such type of stainless steel channel is stainless steel 316N channels. These channels are non hardenable variety of steel which is having more strength than the conventional 316 stainless steel channels. It is ductile, corrosion resistant and heat resistant.


These channels are nonmagnetic and annealed. Mostly corrosion resistant to chemicals and the molybdenum content present in these channels helps it to withstand marine environment. It is able to withstand high temperature and is having high creep strength. The application of these channels include application at chemical processing industries, food processing, textile industries, photographic uses, marine related processing and pharmaceutical companies. The various sizes are available to be used at various places, while many agencies offer non-standard sizes of these stainless steel channels that you might require for some specific work.

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