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The stainless steel 316 N pipe is the grade of an austenitic stainless steel and it is similar to 314 L and 304. The only difference is that this alloy is added with molybdenum. Addition of molybdenum to 316 grades had made it far better than other grades and now it has better corrosion resisting ability. It is highly resistant to pitting as well as crevice corrosion in the chloride environment.

The pipes of this grade are used in the marine, petroleum, food, chemical medical, mechanical structures and components. The pipe of the grade 316 is offered in the shapes like triangle tubes, hexagon tubes, round tubes, square tubes, single slot tube as well as double slot tubes/ pipes. The different shapes of the pipes have different length, thickness as well as finishing. Some finishing includes the brushed, bright finishing, mirror finishing.

Thus, stainless steel 316N pipes are manufactured using various tests, inspections and when packed marked with certain general information. Marked and packed material is exported by suppliers to parts of the world. It takes nearly 15- 20 days for the delivered items to reach their destination.

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