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Stainless Steel 316Ti Bolts it is one of the most important parts of the commercial sectors because it is extensively used in the commercial products for fixing it well. In product contain somehow a large amount of the molybdenum which improves it corrosion resistance property well. This grade of bolts offer great toughness and even work well in the cryogenic temperatures. This grade of bolts also carries a small quantity of the titanium it is only 0.5% that’s it not more than this. This titanium allows forming the structure well even in the temperature over 800 degrees Celsius.


It prevents the carbide precipitation on the grain boundaries besides this it even protect it from the metal corrosion.  Talking about the main advantage of this Stainless Steel 316Ti Bolts you can even use the high temperature for long without and precipitation occurring. Somehow when you compare the properties like mechanical and physical you will find that it is same as the 316 grade but the use of titanium gives it new features and other different ability. Now it is being used in much commercial equipment just because of its great features.

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