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Stainless steel channels are used excessively in industrial works and processes be its petrochemical industry or processes taking place in the marine environment. One of the stainless steel channel that are used at various places is stainless steel 316Ti channels. These channels are made up of grade 316Ti stainless steel.  These are often a good choice of places where fabrication is needed in environments which have a challenging environment condition where durability and appearance is required.


Grade 316Ti is a special type of carbon 316 type of steel that has titanium used as stabilization. These channels were initially used by the Germans and then used in the United Kingdom. The addition of titanium to the channels provide a resistance to the intercrystalline corrosion to the steel. The mechanical strength, durability at high temperature and corrosion resistance is increased by the titanium present in the channels. The channels are used at places where the temperature is high and needs durability to withstand heat. Industries that perform chemical processes, oil and gas industry and automotive industry use this kind of stainless steel channels. Many agencies offer to produce stainless steel channels of required sizes and could help you if you need sizes that are not standard.

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