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Stainless Steel 316Ti is a Titanium stabilized variant of 316 Grade. 316Ti alloy pipes are more resistant to general corrosion than regular chromium-nickel steels. 316Ti pipes are also resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion when compared to other steel types like the 304. 316Ti pipes also have higher creep and stress rupture strength.

316Ti pipes provide good tensile strength at elevated temperatures. UNS S31635 is resistant to sensitization due to the addition of titanium, which gives it added strength. The titanium stabilization also helps in resisting chromium carbide precipitation. The alloy can be effectively used in elevated temperature applications for long periods without compromising on corrosion resistance. 316Ti also has good resistance to oxidation at high temperature applications. However, continuous use at very high temperatures is not recommended. 316Ti pipes can be cold worked easily, which also increases strength and hardness of the material. 316Ti also has good machine ability and fabricability, as well. Stainless Steel 316Ti is used in laboratory equipment, Boat fittings, food processing equipment, Heat exchangers, mining Screens, Medical implants and more.

316Ti can be developed to meet size and finishing requirements as per application demands.

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