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Stainless Steel 316Ti Sheet

Stainless Steel 316Ti Sheet is an iron, chromium, nickel, molybdenum and titanium alloy. This combination gives the material superior corrosion resistance, strength, and toughness compared to its 304 stainless steel counterparts. Additionally, it has a higher working temperature range of up to 900 degrees Celsius. The composition of 316Ti sheet typically consists of around 18-20% chromium, 11-14% nickel, 2-3% molybdenum and 0.5 - 1.5 % Ti content by weight.

The Stainless Steel 316Ti Sheet is a high-performance alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and strength. It offers superior elevated temperature creep resistance, making it ideal for applications such as furnace parts, heat exchangers, oven linings, etc. This stainless steel sheet also offers great weldability and formability due to its low carbon content. Moreover, the presence of titanium in this stainless steel gives it exceptional stability in corrosive environments.

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