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These are the stainless steel washers which has high resistance against oxidation. Stainless Steel 316Ti Washer is being commonly found in areas where the oxidation is avoided, such areas includes furnaces, paper mill equipment, thermal processing and many more. These applications usually bring the washers in to the contact with the acetic acid and citric acid, sulphur dioxide and ammonia. The concentrated substances are something which are commonly used as well. They can be applied in environments which experiences high range of temperatures and is also being characterized by the ability of the washer to retain a much larger portion of its strength even at room temperature.


This ability sets these washers different from others. These are essentially created and designed for high temperatures due to its lower carbon content which readily provides embritting. These can also be contaminated and become deformed, here this process is referred to as creep. It has a low work hardening rate and results in low annealed hardness and exceptional toughness and strength. These are being used in various applicatiosn some of the major areas where these are being used include food appliances, fluorine vessels and many more.

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