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317 stainless steel bolts are valued for their superior resistance to oxidation and corrosion compared to other types of steel. Made from a combination of elements such as iron, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and manganese - in varying concentrations depending on the grade of the bolt - 317 stainless steel is extremely durable and resistant to extreme temperatures. Its high chromium content also adds strength, making these bolts an ideal fastening choice for many industrial applications.

317 SS bolts offer an ideal strength and corrosion resistance combination, making them a popular choice for applications exposed to both environments. They are especially well-suited for seawater use because of their chromium-nickel content and molybdenum addition and their wide thermal range capability. 317 stainless steel bolts have excellent mechanical properties, including fatigue strength, impact toughness at low temperatures, and superior wear resistance capabilities. They exhibit good ductility even after cryogenic treatment, meaning they can be effectively deformed at lower loads than other steels. This makes 317 stainless steel bolts desirable for delicate projects where a precise assembly is needed, such as in the medical device industry.

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