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Stainless steel 317 instrumentation fittings are made of an alloy that includes chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and a high amount of nitrogen. A unique characteristic of this alloy is its chemical designation: B16. This combination of elements creates an exceptionally resistant material with many uses in the manufacturing industry. The B16 component contains at least 15-17% chromium, up to 3% molybdenum, and lower nitrogen levels than other alloys, making it perfect for sealing equipment from corrosive environments. Its stainless steel properties provide durability and robustness - making this alloy excellent for industrial applications and longer product life cycles.

Stainless steel 317 instrumentation fittings are among the most versatile and durable. Their superior resistance to corrosion, excellent tensile strength, and impressive temperature durability for up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit making them ideal for various applications and industries. They are perfect for piping systems that must maintain functionality in harsh environments, such as chemical processing plants, power stations, and more. In addition to pipe hardware, these fittings can also be used in electrical instruments such as thermostats and pressure gauges due to their high level of thermal stability. With their enhanced toughness and precision manufacturing capabilities, stainless steel 317 instrumentation fittings are the perfect choice for any users needing reliable products with superior performance.

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