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Known for its high tensile, corrosion resistance, sustainability and durability stainless steel 317L bolts are considered best for industrial applications. Stainless steel products are highly preferred by people as they provide high strength and creep resistance to products which make these bolts withstand in extreme environment and temperature. The specifications cover by these stainless steel bolts is both national and international standards that include ASTM and ASME standards as well. Length of these bolts varies from 3mm to 200mm whereas its size varies from M3 to M56 and as per customers demand and requirement.


These stainless steel 317L u bolts are available in different types of hex bolts, square bolts, lag bolts, countersunk bolts, hex head bolts etc. These bolts are used in different applications like gas processing, chemical equipment, heat exchangers and power generations. Well, if we talk about the tests and certificates that prove products quality are hardness test, flaring test, flattening test and mechanical testing. Furthermore, they are packed in best wooden cases or boxes to prevent rusting and other unconditional damages that may occur at the time of delivering or transportation.

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