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Why stainless steel 317LMN pipes? Is this your question? If yes, then this article is best for as it entails you about stainless steel pipes with 317LMN. It is a higher molybdenum stainless steel that is alloyed with the nitrogen in order to provide pipes high corrosion resistance and strength in chloride containing environment. Moreover, it offers stress-to-capture, higher creep and tensile strength in extreme environment and temperature when compared to other types of conventional stainless steels. Well! These pipes are used in various industries like textile industry, food processing industry, and paper pulp industry.

Manufacturing process of stainless steel 317LMN pipes

The properties of 317LMN are very much similar to that of other conventional stainless steels. But, these Stainless steel 317LMN pipes are fabricated in a different manner. The stainless steel alloy is machined using slow and heavy feeds and other common welded methods. Then, the material is formed at the temperature of 1150° to 1205°. After this, it is annealed at a temperature of 1080° followed by cooling and then quenching. Then the pipes are hardened by cold working only. Its available forms are round shaped, rectangle and square shaped. Moreover, these pipes are available in different types such as seamless, welded and fabricated pipes.

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