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317LN stainless steel pipes are nonmagnetic pipes in an annealed condition. These grade pipes are having high molybdenum austenitic stainless steel that is further alloyed with the nitrogen to give out improved corrosion resistance, especially in the environment that is acidic chloride containing. These pipes are also high effective in enhancing resistance to crevice corrosion and pitting and are also resistance to the chemical attacks.

The 317LN grade pipe offers tensile strength, higher creep, stress to rupture at the temperature that is elevated than other stainless steel that is conventional. It is developed for resisting the attack of compounds that are sulphuric acidic. The 317LN stainless steel pipes combine high corrosion resistance property along with fabricability and good mechanical properties.

The 317LN stainless steel pipes sizes as seamless are ½”NB to 8” NB, EFW is 6” NB to 100” NB and ERW are ½”NB to 24”NB. The wall thickness of pipes is Schedule 5S- SCH XXS and heavy on demands. The form of the pipe is pan cake coil, round, hydraulic, round, square, U-shape, coiled. The length is as per requirement and single/double random. Ends are plain, treaded and beveled ends.

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