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stainless steel 317ln sheet

The stainless steel 317LN sheet is a low-carbon version of the standard austenitic stainless steel grade 317. It offers better general corrosion and pitting resistance than other grades in the same 300 series. It is ideal for chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, fabrics, pulp and paper production, boilers, food processing machinery, etc. Its composition typically contains 18% chromium content, 13-15% nickel content with molybdenum additions up to 3%, nitrogen 0.10–0.20%, and silicon 1%.


Stainless steel 317LN sheet is a low carbon, higher nitrogen grade of stainless steel. It has superior corrosion resistance when compared to regular 316L and 304 grades. The increased nitrogen content also gives it better weldability, strength, and formability at elevated temperatures, making it ideal for applications in the food processing industry.

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