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Stainless Steel 321 Plates typically contain a minimum of 10.5% chromium, which provides excellent corrosion resistance and is the primary alloying element. Other elements commonly found in stainless steel plates include nickel, carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen, and silicon. The precise chemical composition varies depending on the grade and type of stainless steel plate used. For instance, austenitic grades have higher levels of chromium and nickel than ferritic or martensitic grades. Additionally, the surface finish can affect the chemical composition of the plate.

SS 321 Plates are used in various industries and applications due to their excellent properties. These plates offer superior strength and flexibility, making them suitable for high-stress environments. As they are highly resistant to corrosion, they are often used in marine applications and chemical processing equipment. Stainless Steel Plates also have good formability, weldability, and exceptional temperature resistance, allowing them to be used in extreme environments. Furthermore, these plates can also be polished to a bright finish for aesthetic purposes.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 321 Plates

Stainless Steel 321 Plate Price Start From Rs. 250/Kilogram To Rs.350/Kilogram

Yes, the Stainless Steel 321 Plates can be welded using all common welding methods. The material should first be preheated before welding to ensure good flow characteristics and joint properties.

Stainless Steel 321 Plate can be given a range of finishes, such as mirror-like polish, brushed finish, or bead-blasted finish, depending on the application.

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