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Many leading suppliers and designers are generating a stainless steel washer, and Stainless Steel 321 Washer is one of the best and workable among them. It is rigidly tested on various predefined parameters for sending off a faultless range. This grade washer is available at best possible rates with the suppliers online or offline both. The washer is mostly utilized in 1600 degree Fahrenheit temperature range. It is highly heat resistant and it is the addition of titanium which reduces or shield carbide precipitations, at the time of welding.


It also enhances the high temperature properties, which means it is beneficial for using at an extremely high temperature. It is utilized in heat exchangers, welded screens or woven for elevated temperature mineral processing, tubing, as well as spiral welded tubes for flues or burner pipes.


Know its specifications-

The size of the Stainless Steel 321 Washer is falling between 3 mm to 200 mm and the length is from M 02 to M 33. It belongs to different specifications and standards like ASMT, BS, and IS. It is made from good quality untreated materials and then sent to the labs for testing well before producing out.

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