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There are several reasons to prove stainless steel 321H bolts quality. Well, thee bolts are known best for their high-temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. These stainless steel bolts can be easily used in the low-temperature environment and offer best result and performance. Furthermore, when these bolts are made out they are passivity as this helps bolts temperature resistance better. The stainless steel endures moderate stress and has high strength. You can easily use these stainless steel bolts in different applications where low-temperature service is required.


Well, if we talk about stainless steel 321H eye bolts specification; they cover both national and international standards including JIS, DIN, ASTM, and ASME. The length of the bolts varies from customer to customer however its normal length is 3mm to 300mm. These bolts are available in different types such as hex head bolts, sunken bolts etc. These bolts come across various inspections and tests that include hardness test, IGC test, and third-party inspection. Moreover, to prevent bolts from rusting and other damages that can occur while transportation they are packed in wooden cases or pallets.

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