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The pipes series of 300 is widely used and most of the pipes are having good corrosion resistance strength. It is also resistance to heat and is having good chemical performances. The standard specifications of pipes are ASTM A240, GB/T 4237, DIN17460, JIS G4304, GB/T8165 and DIN17441. The wall thickness of pipes is 0.2mm to 10.0mm. The width of 321H stainless steel pipes is 600mm minimum. The length of pipe is 2000mm to 8000mm and also as per the demand of buyers.

Alloy 321H stainless steel pipes are austenitic stainless steel containing stabilizing elements. The pipes are welded easily. Annealing is not yet required after the welding until stress relief is being desired. It is having an ability of effectively resistance to corrosion and oxidation. The addition of 321H stainless steel pipe has given out some great features. It gives prevention from harmful carbide precipitation in the zone that is affected by the high heat of the welded area. It also reduces embrittlement in HAZ of welded area.  It also imparts partial immunity to the inner granular corrosion. It also has good welding characteristic. It gives good to respond to hardening by cold workings.  It highly creeps and has stress rupture properties.

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