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321h Stainless Steel Tubing is an alloy of iron, carbon, and other elements. It contains a minimum of 10.5% chromium, providing excellent corrosion resistance in high-temperature environments. The most commonly used alloying elements are nickel and titanium, which offer improved ductility, workability, and superior creep strength. Other alloying elements include manganese, silicon, copper, sulfur, columbium, molybdenum, aluminum, and vanadium. This combination of components creates a material with excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and cryogenic conditions.

SS 321h Tubing is used for various applications due to its excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. It is often used to manufacture food-grade equipment, medical devices, and industrial piping and tubing components. Its excellent mechanical properties make it suitable for high-pressure systems, such as refrigeration systems, boilers, and other vessels. Its solid yet malleable form makes it suitable for forming and welding operations, making it ideal for custom fabrication projects. This alloy also features excellent anti-oxidizing properties, which make it desirable for use in marine environments or areas that experience frequent changes in climate or temperature fluctuations. Its superior high-temperature strength makes it an ideal choice for engine exhaust systems and turbocharging components.

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