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Stainless Steel 329 Fasteners are typically composed of iron, chromium, and nickel. These elements, combined with molybdenum, titanium, and nitrogen, provide the alloy with an important high strength for use in a variety of applications. The addition of molybdenum helps to increase the corrosion resistance of the fasteners, while significant levels of chromium contribute to their excellent oxidation resistance, which is essential in damp or marine environments. Niobium can also be present in small quantities to increase impact strength and creep resistance at elevated temperatures.

SS 329 fasteners are highly corrosion and oxidation resistant and offer excellent strength and wear resistance. As such, they are well-suited for a variety of industrial applications, including fastener assemblies subjected to high temperatures, alternating loads, and vibration. They also have good ductility at low temperatures and can be used in cryogenic environments. The alloy has a relatively low thermal expansion coefficient, making it suitable for use in extreme temperature fluctuations or in applications such as containers subject to high-temperature variations.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 329 Fasteners

Stainless Steel 329 Fasteners  Price Starts At Rs 12/Piece To Rs 17/Piece.

Stainless Steel 329 fasteners offer excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance, good strength, wear resistance, and good ductility at low temperatures, a relatively low thermal expansion coefficient, and can be used in cryogenic environments.

Stainless Steel 329 fasteners are highly durable, providing reliable performance in industrial applications, including those exposed to high temperatures, alternating loads and vibration.

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