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Choosing the right type and material of pipes is very important as it offers your application strength to work for a long time. But, now there is high demand for stainless steel pipe available in different grades and specification. One such grade that is often the first choice for industrial applications is stainless steel 329 pipes. There are various reasons to prove these pipes quality, durability and strength and molybdenum is one of those proves. Due to its presence in the stainless steel, its overall performance becomes excellent. Pipes made of 329-grade steel offer better performance and result. There are various features included in these pipes such as excellent strength and mechanical properties and seawater resistance.

These pipes are used in various applications and industries that need high strength, durability, and hardness and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel 329 pipes are manufactured as per international and national specification and standards. Other specifications and standard included to these pipes are ASTM, ASME, and API. Moreover, to sustain pipes quality and hardness, these pipes are delivered in waterproof packaging’s which in turn prevent these stainless steel products from damage and rust.


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