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Stainless Steel 329 Stud bolts are known as a mechanical fastener that is mostly utilized with washer nut or nut to connect two or more parts together. Moreover, the bolted joint can be reassembled as well as disassembles, and for this reason, the bolts are used to a greater extent over others kinds of mechanical bolts. It also plays an extremely important role in the construction of mass produced articles as well as steel structure. This is available in broad ranges and particularly well-matched to swimming pool, marine, and other high rust applications.


The size of the Stainless Steel 329 Stud bolts go above M 2, while the diameter is above M 3 and the length is between 6 mm – 500 mm. it is available in different kinds or forms such as round, hex, triangular, flat, t-head, flat, round, and more. It is used to deal with applications such as the automotive industry, wind tower, railway, electronic industry, construction, and so on. It is available in various finishing such as nickel plated, brass plated, salt fog test, and so on. It mostly comes in colors such as yellow, black, white etc.

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