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Are you looking for the right quality and grade of bolts that are durable and offer high strength to your industrial applications? If yes, then it is good if you buy stainless steel 330 bolts. These are the finest quality of stainless steel bolts that are manufactured using 330 alloys. Due to their high tensile strength, resistance to oxidation and durability these bolts are used in different applications like oil refiners, chemical processing and so on. On the other hand, the stainless steel is considered as top notch quality of alloy that is widely used in manufacturing industrial products. These stainless steel bolts cover international and national specifications that include ASTM, JID, DIN and ASME specifications.


Size and length of these bolts

Well, if we talk about bolts size it ranges from M30 to M330 whereas its length varies from 3mm to 300mm. However, you will get these stainless steel 330 bolts in different shapes and sizes as per your requirement. In order to prove bolts quality and capability, they are tested through hardness test certificate, flattening test certificate and many more tests.

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