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The surface finishes of pipes are mill finished, anodized and brushed finished. The stainless steel 330 pipes types are fabricated, ERW, welded and seamless. The pipe forms are as round, hydraulic, square and rectangular. The lengths of pipes are single/double random length and cut length. The ends of pipes are threaded, plain and beveled end. Its features are epoxy and FBE coating, value-added services, draw and expansion, electro polish and hot-dipped galvanizing.

The functioning and performance of these grades are high as molybdenum is there in steel. This is austenitic steel pipe and is used widely because of being highly resistance to corrosion, good heat resistance, and low-temperature strength and has good mechanical properties.  This grade steel is having relatively SSC resistance and good seawater resistance. 

The standard specification of stainless steel 330 pipes is SUS, ASTM, DIN, JIS, and AISI etc. The wall thickness of the pipe is 0.4mm to 25mm. The width of the pipe is 1000mm to 2000mm. In length, it is 1000mm to 6000mm. One can clearly specify the size, length, standard specification requirement of pipe as per the application needs in the industry to the seller.

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