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Stainless Steel 330 Washers are best for the industrial as well as the engineering purposes. If you are looking for the washer in your household use then you must try these washers. In many applications, some of the washers are failed due to heavy loads. But, these washers do not deform at any condition. On the other hand, with its temperature bearing capability makes it stand in the high temperatures without deforming. It is best known for its excellent resistance to the pitting and corrosiveness. ASTM, DIN, BS are the standards which make the great quality of this washer.


Specification of Stainless Steel Washer

These washers are available in every grade for the accurate fittings in the bolts.  You find washers in various metric dimensions as per the customer needs. Stainless Steel 330 Washer is the best value for money in your budget. These are well tested and assured for the guaranteed quality of the product. Only best materials are use in the production of washers. It is packed in the wooden boxes so it will not be damaged while exporting. This washer is awesome for your various applications.

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