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Stainless Steel 347 custom pipes are an alloy of chromium, nickel and carbon, among other elements. It is made up of a stabilised 18% chromium-nickel steel that contains molybdenum to increase its corrosion resistance. This type of stainless steel is quite durable and resistant to oxidation at high temperatures making it ideal for metal forging and many other industrial applications. Steel 347 custom pipes offer greater resistance to intergranular corrosion than the usual 304-grade Stainless steel, creating a secure and dependable product that can last through extreme temperatures and conditions.

SS 347 Custom Pipes are widely used in many industries due to a unique combination of properties. These pipes offer excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion thanks to their high chromium content. Additionally, they have very good strength and workability at elevated temperatures, up to around 870 degrees Celsius. This makes them perfect for manufacturing and other operations where heat resistance is a key requirement. Another great benefit of these pipes is that they can be easily welded and machined; this reduces the cost associated with production significantly. All in all, Stainless Steel 347 Custom Pipes are excellent versatile materials for those in the industry.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 347 Custom Pipes

Stainless steel 347 custom pipes are not inherently magnetic but can become temporarily magnetised by an external field. This behaviour is caused by the small percentage of nickel and cobalt alloy used in its construction, which allows it to be impacted by strong outside forces.

Stainless steel 347 custom pipes are highly corrosion resistant, making them a durable, cost-effective choice for many industries. Manufactured with the highest quality materials and to stringent standards, these pipes are designed to withstand aggressive environments and retain their strength.

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