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Stainless steel 347 instrumentation fittings are made of iron, chromium, nickel, carbon, and trace impurities. This combination results in the chemical B16 which provides natural corrosion resistance due to its high chromium content. Generally speaking, this B16 alloy is advantageous in many industrial-grade applications where a component must withstand exposure to an environment that would rust or corrode other materials over time. By having B16 present on stainless steel 347 instrumentation fittings, they can remain safe and functional under some of the most demanding conditions.

SS 347 instrumentation fittings have many uses and properties that make them incredibly versatile. They offer excellent heat-resisting properties, meaning they are well-suited to high-temperature services. They also demonstrate good resistance to the formation of corrosion in many environments. Stainless Steel 347 instrumentation fittings are widely used across industries such as desalination plants, petrochemical refineries, and pipe converter projects due to their optimization for usage in high-Pressure service. Furthermore, they boast enhanced welding characteristics and higher creep strength than other grades. Overall, Stainless Steel 347 instrumentation fittings deliver performance that makes them an ideal choice for challenging piping applications worldwide.

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