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Are you looking for something which you can use for your industrial applications and even connect one part to other parts? If yes, then we would like to suggest you choose the Stainless Steel 347 Stud Bolts which is the high grade as well as the best quality product which never do compromise with its quality as well as specifications. One of the best things regarding this product is never get corroded, even at the soaring temperature, because the stainless steel is used to make it. Moreover, it is used for dealing with chemical processing tools as well as valves. Buying this product is value for money because it has the best quality of life.



Stainless Steel 347 Stud Bolts cover up different finishing such as matt finish, rough machined, bright or black polished. Not only this, it corrosion oil is used to applied over its surface to prevent from rusting at elevated temperature as well under water conditions. This grade study bolts size is from M 02 to M 33 whereas; the length is rising above 2 mm and others on order. It is also available at extremely affordable rates within the market as well.

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