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Around the world, many well-being and prestigious suppliers are delivering Stainless Steel 347 Washer, just because of its day by day increasing demands in industrial sectors. This grade washer is carrying some exceptional features such as robust or sturdy built, superb finish, easy installation, easy to use and so on. It is tougher than other grades as well. It has exceptional immune to intergranular rust after exposure to the temperature of 800 to 1500 degree F. it is used for boiler, piping and gas turbine in power plant and steam generation industries. It can be even readily, blanked, stamped, drawn and spun because it is ductile and tough.


Following are the specifications of it-

The size of Stainless Steel 347 Washer is ranging from 3 mm – 200 mm while the length is as per need. The specifications of it are – BS, IS, as well as ASTM. Now, it can be purchased at – the more is length, the more is the rate. It proves best for using underwater conditions and capable of tolerating extremely higher temperature. It comes across various inspections as well as certifications.

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