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If you go out in the market you will find bolts in different grades and made with different alloys. But, if you search online or any other place for the best quality of bolts you will be recommended to buy stainless steel 347H bolts only. Yes! These are the best quality of bolts as they procure high tensile strength, resistance to corrosion, durability, and sustainability. These bolts are the first choice of many industrialists as they can withstand in extreme environment and temperature and offer better performance and result. Well, on the other hand, alloy 347H is an excellent alloy that has creep strength and resistance to oxidation and considered best for manufacturing good quality of bolts.



These bolts include both national and international standards and specifications like IS, BS, ASTM, and DIN. The size of these bolts varies from 3mm to 200mm and length ranges from M02 to M33 and material used is SS 347H.


Certification and packaging

To know whether the stainless steel 347H u bolts are of good quality and they are tested and inspected through flattening test, radiography test, hardness test and IGC test. They are packed in wooden pallets to prevent damages and rusting.

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