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347H stainless steel forged fittings offer superior corrosion resistance and durability for any installation. They are composed of a combination of iron, chromium, nickel, carbon, and other trace elements that give the metal its distinctive properties. The chromium content provides excellent resistance to oxidation and is especially important in high-temperature applications. The nickel content adds extra corrosion protection, while the trace elements offer additional strength and a variety of beneficial characteristics. In short, 347H stainless steel forged fittings are a reliable choice for any demanding installation due to their specific chemical composition.

347H SS forged fittings are extremely durable, offering excellent corrosion resistance thanks to the high chromium content. This makes it particularly well-suited for use in areas of heavy industry such as food and beverage, chemical processing and marine environments. Besides its superior level of corrosion protection, 347H also has very good properties like high tensile toughness and yield strength as well as excellent formability when hot formed, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including petrochemical, power generation and general engineering applications. The high mechanical properties and precise dimensional tolerances make these fittings an incredibly efficient material for fluid control solutions.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 347H Forged Fittings

HSN code of 347h stainless steel pipe fittings is 7307.19.00. 

Stainless Steel 347H Forged Fittings is not Magnetic.

347h stainless steel pipe fittings are corrosion resistant.

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