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347H stainless steel pipe fittings consist of 65-70% iron, 18-21% chromium, 9-13% nickel, and 2.5-5% niobium carbide. This combination of metals produces superior corrosion resistance compared to other piping materials, allowing for a long service life with minimal maintenance needs. The high levels of chromium in the alloy also make it highly resistant to stress cracks and mechanical failure. This makes 347H stainless steel pipe fittings an excellent choice for many industrial and commercial applications.

347H SS pipe fittings offer a range of useful properties that make them popular in various industrial applications. They possess excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance and higher creep and stress-rupture properties than their 304 and 316 counterparts. These properties make them an excellent choice for manufacturing environments that involve exposure to harsh chemicals or high temperatures. 347H stainless steel pipe fittings are often used in various plumbing, heaters, power plants, water treatment systems, aeroplane and spacecraft parts, valves, fire protection systems and other chemical process equipment. Additionally, they have distortion-resistant qualities, which make them great for cryogenic projects and low-temperature services as well.

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