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The Stainless Steel 348 Bolts is one of the austenitic stainless steel which is manufactured from the alloy that contains the nickel, chromium, nitrogen, and molybdenum. In all such composition, you will find a small amount of carbon that structure well to the bolts. These bolts are widely used in the corrosive environments. Currently, in the market, you will find so many companies that use to manufacture these types of bolts. Its specification is ASTM F348, ASME SF348. They are easily available in the market. Besides this, if you want you can even manufacture the fresh produce directly from the company.


This Stainless Steel 348 Bolts is used more in the applications whose temperature is high. When you look in the online store where you will able to see the different shapes and sizes of the bolts from there you can choose the one which you like the most. No matter what kind of applications you want to use this bolts, its properties, and custom design features makes it ready to use in any type of applications.

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