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Stainless steel 348 bolts are a popular, fastening solid solution that meets all requirements for corrosive resistance and heat tolerance. These bolts are made of an alloy combining iron, chromium, nickel and carbon. Specifically, the chemical composition is comprised of 18–20% chromium and 10-12% Nickel with trace amounts of other metals such as molybdenum. This blend gives stainless steel 348 the perfect mix needed to provide strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, being used in various applications from petrochemicals to engine exhaust systems. Furthermore, ss 348 bolt makes bolts ideal for situations requiring extra trace element resistance, such as in saltwater environments or where particular sulfur compounds are present.

SS 348 bolts are known for their superior resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures. They are commonly used in high-end applications requiring superior robustness and safety levels, such as aerospace, marine and chemical industries. Additionally, stainless steel 348 bolts have above-average tensile strength; this makes them particularly suitable for critical fastening applications like those found in nuclear structures. Other notable properties include their ductility and formability, which allows them to be cold-worked into intricate shapes or used in various heating processes for manufacturing precision parts. All in all, stainless steel 348 bolts will continue to remain one of the most sought-after materials in many industrial sectors thanks to its unique combination of properties.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 348 Bolts

 The HSN code for stainless steel bolts is 7318.15.00.

No. Stainless steel bolts are not magnetic. They are made of a magnetic material, but the composition of the alloy prevents them from becoming magnetized.

Stainless steel bolts are corrosion resistant. In general, stainless steel is a ferrous metal that contains chromium and nickel in its alloy. This combination of metals makes stainless steel resistant to oxidation and staining.

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