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Stainless steel 348 Plates are stainless steel alloys with excellent corrosion resistance capabilities. This alloy comprises an array of elements, including iron, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, niobium, and nitrogen. Together these elements give the stainless steel 348 plate its maximum level of corrosion resistance, allowing it to withstand harsh environments and temperatures ranging from -425°F up to 1500°F. It additionally has extraordinary tensile strength, making it popular in many industries and applications, such as chemical processing equipment or even offshore oil rigs where frequent cleaning and exposure to extreme conditions occur.

SS 348 Plate is an extremely durable and versatile building material, most commonly used in the fabrication of commercial kitchen equipment due to its excellent corrosion and heat resistance. Its chromium content gives it reliable oxidation protection over a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for use in even high-heat settings like restaurant kitchens. A further benefit of stainless steel 348 plate is its magnetic advantage; unlike standard carbon steel plates, which become magnetized when subjected to a magnetic field, stainless steel 348 plate does not. It also does not require any special coating or surface treatment, adding another layer of cost savings and practicality to an already affordable material. It’s easy to see why the stainless steel 348 plate has remained so popular among those who need a reliable and affordable construction method.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 348 Plates

Stainless steel 348 sheets is commonly used in high-temperature industrial applications such as heat exchangers, furnace parts, and chemical processing equipment. It is also used in aerospace and defence industries due to its high strength and corrosion resistance.

Yes, stainless steel 348 sheets can be welded using standard welding techniques such as TIG, MIG, and resistance welding. However, it's important to use proper filler materials, preheat, and post-weld heat treatment to avoid cracking and ensure the integrity of the weld.

Stainless steel 348 sheets can be finished in a variety of ways depending on the desired application. It is commonly available in 2D, 2B, and BA finishes. It can also be polished to a mirror finish or have a brushed finish for a more aesthetic appearance.

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