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stainless steel 348 sheet

Stainless steel 348 sheet is an alloy containing iron, chromium and nickel. It contains 18-20% chromium, which gives it excellent corrosion resistance in high-temperature environments and superior oxidation resistance. Its high nickel content makes it resistant to stress corrosion cracking and chloride pitting corrosion. This combination of qualities makes stainless steel 348 sheets the perfect choice for various industrial applications, including heat exchangers, pressure vessels and chemical processing equipment.


Stainless steel 348 sheets offer great resistance to corrosion due to its combination of chromium and aluminium content, making it ideal for many high-temperature and chemical applications. Additionally, this alloy offers excellent formability, weldability, and stress corrosion cracking resistance. This makes it popular in aerospace engineering, automotive manufacturing, food processing plants and oil refineries.

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