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Few materials offer higher strength, durability, and corrosion resistance than stainless steel 348 stud bolts. Its chemical composition consists of iron, chromium – at least 10.5%, titanium – is added to improve welding characteristics, nickel – enhances the alloy greatly, carbon – 0.08% max for weldability concerns & niobium – stabilizes against sensitization. This combination of elements creates an alloy that works well in applications that require high temperatures or prohibit saltwater damage. Industrial professionals often depend on stainless steel 348 stud bolts for their wear resistance in challenging environments such as food processing or medical equipment manufacturing.

Stainless Steel 348 Stud Bolts are increasingly becoming popular in various applications. They offer a great combination of corrosion resistance and elevated temperature performance compared to other bolts. They provide a strong and secure fastening, and their superior strength makes them ideal for heavy-duty projects like construction, marine engineering, power plants, automotive parts, boilers and various heat exchanger components. Other properties of these stud bolts include excellent weldability and formability, a wide variety of finishes available and enhanced fatigue strength. Furthermore, 348 stainless steel stud bolts are resistant to oxidation up to 870 degrees Celsius (1600 Fahrenheit), making them ideal for many applications requiring high temperatures or withstanding harsh chemical environments.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 348 Stud Bolts

Stainless Steel 348 Stud Bolts Starts At Rs 13/Piece To Rs 118/Piece

No, Stainless Steel 348 Stud Bolts are highly corrosion-resistant and offer excellent resistance to rusting. This grade of stainless steel is also known for its superior mechanical properties and weldability at cryogenic temperatures.

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