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Stainless steel 348 valves are made of an alloy of iron, chromium, and other trace elements. Chromium plays a significant role in this alloy as it adds strength and resistance to oxidation, giving the valve its stainless quality. Interestingly, even minimal additions of chromium can dramatically increase the hardness of steel. Furthermore, Stainless Steel 348 valves have excellent corrosion resistance due to high chromium and silicon content. This composition also grants superior mechanical properties such as excellent weldability and ductility, making it well-suited for pressure vessel applications where temperatures do not exceed 871°C. With all these attributes combined, Stainless Steel 348 valves are ideally suited for various industrial applications.

348 Stainless steel valves are incredibly dependable and hard-wearing, making them suitable for various industrial applications. This unique alloy is indispensable for applications in the chemical processing industry and offers superior corrosion resistance in reducing environments. As an iron-based super alloy, SS 348 valves are known for their excellent formability, weldability and extreme creep strength, and ability to operate at temperatures as high as 1,000°F or 538°C. Welded constructions easily maintain structural integrity even at high temperatures, whereas non-welded parts keep their performance throughout their life cycle without degradation. Furthermore, Stainless Steel 348 valves offer superior resistance to various corrosion and oxidation forms, making them a favourite material choice among many industries.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 348 Valves

The HSN code for stainless steel 348 valves is 7310.19.90.

No. Stainless steel 348 valves are not magnetic. However, stainless steel 316 valves are magnetic.

 Yes, Stainless steel 348 valves are considered corrosion-resistant.

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