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Are you in search of high-grade and best quality washer for using in industrial applications? If yes, then Stainless Steel 348 washer is the best choice present in front of you. Actually, this grade washer is manufactured from the alloy containing, molybdenum, nitrogen, chromium, and nickel with restrained carbon content. It is mostly used for corrosive atmospheres. There are many suppliers available across the globe who is selling out this product to the patrons and industrial sectors. This is very cheapest, but high-quality washer as compared to others. The size of it is from 3 mm to 200 mm and length is in accordance with your specific needs.


Stainless Steel 348 washer is given smooth silver finishing and touches, so that it may look brighter. It is provided in different sorts like bar stock machined, cold formed as well as hot formed. The features of it make it be compatible with the wide array of industrial applications. Other than this, the size of it is divided into two types- metric and imperial. Thus, now customers can get it as per their desired lengths or sizes as well.

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