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A stainless steel 348H flange comprises iron, chromium, and nickel. The primary component in the alloy is iron, followed by 18-20% chromium and 8-11% nickel. This combination creates a strong, yet corrosion-resistant alloy with excellent heat resistance qualities - temperatures of 1100°C can be safely endured without impacting the strength or reliability. While other elements such as carbon-nitrogen, nitrogen, and manganese may be present in trace amounts, the core composition remains true to its base ingredients; iron, chromium, and nickel. All this combines to create an incredibly resilient material vital in many industries, from medical to food processing.

348H Stainless steel flanges offer a range of uses and properties that make them an ideal choice for many applications. The durability of these flanges is unrivaled, as they are corrosion-resistant and have high-temperature tolerance due to their stability at extreme hot and cold temperatures. They also don't require frequent replacement like other materials, making them cost-effective long-term. Additionally, these flanges offer superb resistance against chlorides, halogens, and other harsh chemicals. Finally, SS flanges 348H can be machined with great flexibility to form custom shapes and sizes that meet user specifications.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 348H Flanges

Stainless Steel 348H flanges are ideal for applications involving high temperatures, as they offer superior strength and resistance to scaling. These flanges feature a higher creep strength than other stainless steel grades, making them suitable for high pressure environments and corrosive media.

Stainless Steel 348H Flanges have many advantages, including excellent corrosion resistance, excellent oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures and good formability. The addition of columbium also makes it resistant to carbide precipitation during welding processes, which allows for easier fabrication and post-weld strengthening.

Stainless Steel 347H Flanges can be found in a variety of sizes ranging from ½” up to 24” in both Class 150 and Class 300 pressure ratings. Custom sizes can also be specially ordered depending on the application requirements.

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