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Stainless steel is high resistance to corrosion as compared to other kinds of steel. It is so because of the presence of chromium in large amounts. Based all upon the crystalline structure, they are divided in martensitic steel, ferritic steel, and austenitic steel. Grade 348H stainless steel pipes are using stabilizing elements like tantalum or columbium for increasing of intergranular corrosion resistance.

Grade 348H stainless steel pipes are tougher than other steel pipes. The hardenability of the alloy will be reduced if slow speed and constant positive feeds are used. The grade pipes can be easily welded by using fusion and methods of resistance welding. Oxyacetylene method of welding isn’t preferred for the alloy. AWS E/ER348 filler metal is used when needed. The 348H grade steel can be easily hot worked at 1149 to 1232?C.

 It shouldn’t be heated at below 927?C. It is fully annealed and water quenched for restoring the property of corrosion resistance. This grade pipes are ductile and tough and is readily blanked, spun, drawn and stamped. Also, the pipes do not react to the heat treatment. The elevated properties can be easily obtained through cold reductions.

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