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The products and equipments made out of stainless steel hold a special market place and are considered superior to all the other types of metals and alloys. The reason why stainless steel is given so much importance is due to their excellent chemical and mechanical properties. The strength and durability that stainless steel alloy exhibit are hard to find anywhere in such a great price. These stainless steel products are specified based on the different grades assigned to them. 403 is one such grade assigned to the stainless steel bolts.  These Stainless Steel 403 Bolts are used all over the world and are heavily demanded in the national as well as the international industries. 


The Stainless Steel 403 Eye Bolts show properties very similar to that of grade 410. However, it has a lower maximum chromium content and slightly lower silicon content as well. These bolts have all the properties of stainless steel and therefore are tough, ductile, durable, strength and good tensile property. These bolts can be applied to a number of applications, be it a chemical industry or a mechanical industry. Another reason of the popularity of these bolts is that they have an outstanding corrosion resistant property as well.

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